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"The best part of our job is creating an idea then seeing it evolve over time to a well appreciated landscape space, golf hole, or facility. Excellent design, supported by good maintenance yields outcomes that make us proud of our role."

Before & After Photos Enviro Links Design Pty Ltd


Projects are listed alphabetically. Please note that Before photos have not necessarily been taken immediately prior to construction.

Australian Before
February 1996
Australian After
Winter 1996 prior to opening
Australian Open
November 1996 with background crowd at the Australian Open

The Australian GC chipping green *
Chipping green designed into a tight space adjacent to the clubhouse but reflective of most near green chipping scenarios found on the course.
(Shaper: Manoevre Mow)

Canberra Airport Before Canberra Airport After

Brindabella Business Park, Canberra Airport
Formal pedestrian spine created to link major office buildings and recreational facilities in a quality landscape setting
(Architect: Jackson Swayn)

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City Edge 1 Before City Edge 1 After
City Edge 2 Before City Edge 2 After

City Edge, Canberra
123 dwelling medium density development designed to offer a central focus over a 'London park' retaining huge deciduous trees. Winter views. Multi award winning national and regional project.
(Architect: Cox Humphries Moss)

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Coombs Building Before Coombs Building After
2004 2005

H.C. Coombs Building extension, Australian National University:
Extension angular building lines and flowing path curves to match the large office / lecture theatre building (left) character. Careful siting to minimise impacts on mature eucalypts.
(Architect: Cox Humphries Moss)

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Cumberland Before Cumberland After
October 2001 April 2002

Cumberland GC 7th green
Green remodelling in tight space to offer larger green and better appeal while retaining reward for accurate short elevated approach shots on a 315m par 4.
(Shaper: Flowline)

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Federal 6th Before Federal 6th After
2003 2005

Federal GC 6th green
New bunkering and green sited to reward good shots and lessen wear
(Shaper: MD Constructions)

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Federal 15th Before Federal 15th After
2002 2003

Federal GC 15th green
Turnpoint dogleg view of new more strategic tiered green and surrounds replacing previous sloping tricky putt green. No change to turnpoint bunker right.
(Shaper: Col Cornell)

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Fern Hill 1 Before Fern Hill 1 After
1991 2002
Fern Hill 2 Before Fern Hill 2 After
1991 2002

Fern Hill Technology Park
Engaged by Lend Lease in 1991 to identify maintenance and construction practices resulting in poor and sparse growth then necessary remedial landscape design. Ongoing quarterly maintenance reviews and landscape improvement strategies until 2003 saw the Park recognised at that time as one of the best landscapes in Canberra.
(Maintenance contractor: Horticare)

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Gold Creek Before Gold Creek After
1996 2003
2nd tee steps and associated landscape to safely direct players up steep teebank.
Gold Creek 14th Before Gold Creek 14th After
1995 2003
Vista from the green with plantings to define a double dogleg par 5 14th hole in the native course character zone.
Gold Creek Cascade Before Gold Creek Cascade Midway Gold Creek Cascade After
1995 1995 2003
Feature 450m length recirculating cascade separating the 10th and 18th holes with rock cascades, ponds and waterfalls.
Gold Creek Lake Before Gold Creek Lake After
1994 2003
View over 10th green and cascade to the 18th hole frontage of Harcourt Hill Estate.

Gold Creek CC Landscape*
Entire resort/estate course landscape design with blend of native, conifer and deciduous character zones to the Bruce Devlin designed golf course.

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Gungahlin Lakes Before Gungahlin Lakes After
1995 2005
Vista over holes 11 and 12 with a maturing landscape and estate integration 1995 / 2005.
Gungahlin Lakes Before
Gungahlin Lakes After
1995 2002
South easterly view (before) across the proposed 10th and 13th reminiscent of the pre-construction flat
or swampy ground of around 80% of the course. The after view is a southerly view of the same holes.
Gungahlin Lakes Aerial Before
Gungahlin Lakes Aerial After
1995 2004
Aerial vista over the lakes, generally holes 1 to 3 and 14 to 18, surrounding the original Gungahlin Pond.
Other lakes created as part of the golf course design to achieve government 100ML storage requirement.
Refer Article (480k PDF)

Gungahlin Lakes Country Club *
18 hole championship golf course co-designed by Jamie Dawson and Ted Parslow as the centrepiece of a 1500 lot estate in Canberra.
(Shaper: Gerry Martiniello / Geoff Hurley)

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Harcourt Hill Before Harcourt Hill After
1995, view upslope 2004, view downslope

Harcourt Hill Estate entry road and estate landscaping *
Sweeping entry road alignment in the master plan process followed by the detailed landscape design of avenue trees and round about features. Mature elms integrated to the main estate and Gold Greek Country Club entry. Also early estate stages landscape design of streetscapes and open space.
(Engineer: Young Consulting)

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Manuka Village Before Manuka Village After
1997 2005

Manuka Village commercial/apartment complex
Mature deciduous tree protection input (including grated tree well measures to rectify level changes) with close construction of building and basement carpark.
(Architect: Tom Kean)

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Murrumbidgee Before Murrumbidgee After
1986 2005

Murrumbidgee forward tree planting *
View over Lower Stranger pond edge trees and macrophyte planting. The hilltop forward planting behind also by Jamie Dawson was part of 100,000 trees planted to recreate a pre European savannah woodland character to the Murrumbidgee River corridor.

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Myall Shores Before Myall Shores After
2003 formal campground zone 2004 pre-opening New Forest villas maximising cabin occupancy in large disturbed campsite zone to allow sparser western foreshore development
Myall Shores Before Myall Shores After
2003 Old Acacia cabin overlooking the main beach 2004 pre-opening

Myall Shores Eco Resort
Master planning and detail design of cabin layout and retreat landscaping to 68 new quality cabins and conference room siting as many as possible in the existing campground disturbed areas. Need to be cogniscent of safe mature tree retention and desire to maximise viewing appeal. This allows less new cabin density on the wooded western foreshore.

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Oatlands Before Oatlands After
1998 2003

Oatlands GC 5th hole
Tee to green remodelling of 163m par 3 including fill of intervening ravine with no bail outs that gave no opportunities for short hitters. Prior bunkers ineffective behind tree. Refer Article (668 k PDF).
(Shaper: Flowline)

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Oatlands Entrance Before Oatlands Entrance After
2002 2004

Oatlands GC clubhouse entrance landscaping
Integrated paving, sandstone walling and planting design for a feature entry onto the prior 10th tee. Associated new safer tee position and added carpark layout modifications.

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Royal Canberra Before
Royal Canberra After

Royal Canberra GC putting green
Putting green adjacent to then new clubhouse in a tight site limited by mature trees.
(Shaper: Col Cornell)

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Southern Cross 1 Before
Southern Cross 1 Mid
1998 Preliminary bulk shaping
Southern Cross 1 After
Southern Cross Wetland During Southern Cross Wetland After
1998 2005

Southern Cross Pitch and Putt, Canberra
A very satisfying transformation of a featureless site into a flowing landform with landscape and water features enjoyed by over a 1000 players a week of all ages on a tight site. 18 holes 40-70m length on 3.6 hectares. Regarded by many as the top Pitch and Putt in Australia. Refer Article (508 k PDF).
(Civil works / shaping: Woden Constructions)

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Warringah Before Warringah Midway
2000 2001
Warringah After

Warringah GC 2nd green and creek improvements
Lengthened 2nd hole allowing storm flows around new green integrated to major Gross Pollutant Trap(GPT) and creek reshaping / landscaping works by Patterson Britton Engineers. Earliest photo shows original coral tree and willow infested creek.
(Green Shaping: Course staff)

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Yowani 12th Before Yowani 12th After
October 2001 February 2002

Yowani CC 12th green
New flowing green and bunkers to replace old push up green which difficult to hold on a 190m par 3.
(Shaper: MD Constructions)

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Yowani 15th Before Yowani 15th After
March 2002 July 2002

Yowani CC 15th fairway safety improvements
Bold angled bunkering in drive zone to encourage controlled shots to left away from adjacent housing
(Shaper: MD Constructions)

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Yowani 10th Before Yowani 10th After
1999 2003

Yowani CC opening tees
Landscape enhancements for 'first impression' 1st and 10th tees including flowing planting and paving scheme. Sand, bucket and litter bins integrated neatly into stone walls.

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Last updated : 9 August 2005