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"Environmental assessment and planning with a design and solution focus."




















 Full member of

  • Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand

Environmental Services Enviro Links Design Pty Ltd


Enviro Links Design is a multi-skilled approach to environment related services. Our recognized expertise focuses on site analysis, impact assessment and design solutions over the spectrum from built to natural environments.

We incorporate environmentally sustainable planning and management principles into our reports and design plans. This approach has proven itself with successful approval records and project outcomes.



Project Example

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Review of Environmental Factors (REF) lead author over a range of urban, rural, resort, recreation, heritage, infrastructure and resource projects. Includes co-ordination of sub consultants as appropriate.

  • Myall Shores Eco Retreat Master Plan REF
  • Murramarang Eco Retreat 1992, 1996 and 2004 REF's
  • 50+ development REF's Thredbo/Perisher (1986-2002)
  • West Belconnen future estates EIS (landscape/visual)

Visual impact statements and amelioration techniques for highway, rail and power transmission corridors; forest planning, resort, tourism, estate, quarry, prison and urban commercial developments.

  • Casey estate master planning
  • Federal Highway duplication NSW/ACT
  • ACT Prison and Emergency Services HQ
  • Southern Forests of Tasmania (1,400 sq kms)
  • Princes Highway Ulladulla bypass routing

Creative conservation design of wetlands, water-bird habitat, trail systems and interpretative signage

  • Lower Point Hut Pond water-bird pondages
  • McKellar Wetland Master Plan & Maintenance
  • Fiji Archaeology site interpretative signage

Eco-tourism resort planning and facilities / landscape design

  • Myall Shores Eco Retreat
  • Murramarang Eco-Retreat upgrading

Urban nature conservation strategies

  • Canberra Urban Wildlife Corridors Strategy Design Guidelines

Landcare including riverine corridor land use management and re-vegetation strategies and design

  • Sullivans Creek Corridor Master Plan, ANU
  • Murrumbidgee River corridor study and re-vegetation (100,000 trees) and walking trail (10+ kms)

Sand and gravel quarry rehabilitation and site operational guidelines

  • Murrumbidgee River sand/gravel extraction EIS
  • Murrays Corner gravel pit re-vegetation

Environmental management plans (EMP)

  • Myall Shores EMP

Maintenance audits and design reviews

  • Fern Hill Technology Park 1991-2003

Vegetation management plans of both remnant and disturbed ecosystems, golf courses and for heritage landscapes.

  • 14 entire golf courses from Maroochydore (Qld) to Kingston Heath (VIC)
  • Haig Park heritage replanting strategy

Tree assessments

  • 50+ tree assessments in ACT/NSW

100,000 tree forward planting between the Murrumbidgee River and nearby Tuggeranong town centre and suburbs in south Canberra. A key intent was to recreate a pre-European savannah woodland character *


Myall Shores Eco Retreat, Myall Lakes National Park; Masterplanning 68 new cabins, REF, Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Maintenance Plan and landscape design. Also subject to Federal Dept of Environment and Heritage review as on a Ramsar international wetland. This included a successful audit by DEH of the EMP implementation in 2005.
Visual assessment of 1,400 square kilometres of southern Tasmanian forests adjoining the World Heritage Area *
Stranger Pond
Lower Point Hut Pond wetland and creative conservation masterplan adjoining the Murrumbidgee River *
50 No. Thredbo projects including environment reports (REF) and environmental landscape and management plans *
Extract : Casey Environmental Opportunities and Constraints Plan, to guide design development of a 2,000 lot estate in Canberra. Also associated visual assessment, tree assessment, and estate landscape masterplan.
ANU Creek
Australian National University Sullivans Creek Masterplan option detail

Last updated : 5 October 2006