Flemington Road Ponds

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Project Description

ELD undertook the landscape design of several major water storage and reuse pondages (65 ML) to provide diverse function water storage collection for racecourse and golf course user groups, floodway improvement, flow retardation and habitat creation. The design utilise native macrophyte and shrub plantings to increase habitat space and improve the aesthetic appeal of the site.

The planting design Incorporated over 2,000 macrophytes; 10,000 shrubs and 500 trees to the ponds and associated wetlands surrounds. Stage One works commenced in December 2007 on this ACT Government Canberra Integrated Urban Waterways initiative, achieving hand over early 2009. The subsequent Stage 2 pond works was completed and handed over in 2010. ELD also had a role in assisting Indesco Engineers in the shaping design, PA and stakeholder presentations.

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Flemington Road Ponds


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