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"For innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions with water that assist our clients' community responsibilities."















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Water Sensitive Design

Enviro Links Design Pty Ltd


Enviro Links Design is a landscape design with an ecology based approach to sustainable water management, linked with an awareness of engineering factors.

Options to consider for each project can include:

  • swales, wetlands, retardation basins, rock cascades and waterfalls for slowing of flow peaks and velocities and groundwater recharging offering natural settings, even in urban areas.
  • careful plant selection with more drought tolerant species and use of bio-filters
  • targeted redirection of 'off roof' or carpark stormwater into the landscape, not into pipework
  • incorporate ground water harvesting and other xeroscape sustainability principles
  • minimize use of water by selective irrigation design, favouring drip not spray irrigation, integrating rain or stormwater tank supply for irrigation reuse, and recommending soil moisture monitoring and water saving gels for demand efficiency

Two project examples are:

University of Canberra Innovations Centre

The building roof (2,250 m2) and carpark (4,250m2) stormwater was discharged to rock cascades, rock mulch planters and swales leading to nutrient stripping ponds and a wetland attractively integrated into a landscaped setting. The cascades are sized to allow use by the future Stage 2 buildings.

In March 2006 Enviro Links Design was awarded the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects ACT/ACTEW Award for Water Sensitive Urban Design (Institutional) for this project.

David Street O'Connor wetland

Enviro Links Design were engaged by the Sullivans Creek Action Group to master plan two pilot offline wetlands for catchment feeders nutrient stripping and sediment reduction. The long term objective was to benefit water quality of Sullivans Creek and Lake Burley Griffin.

The adjoining City Edge development, to which we were the Landscape Architects, effectively contributed to their environmental charter by funding the wetland. Most City Edge stormwater, plus adjoining streets and public areas, was redirected to the wetland. It was a classic win-win situation, which assisted City Edge attain Demonstration Project Status and numerous national and regional awards. The Action Group also won an award for grassroots environmental initiatives.

An article by Jamie Dawson, Flowing Together - The benefits of environmentally sustainable landscape design for commercial projects, outlines a number of water sustainable focus landscape projects.

Sustainable water management principles have also been a design feature where appropriate on Enviro Links Design golf projects for many years. You can also read these relevant articles:

ANU Plan
Australian National University Sullivans Creek Master Plan option sketch


University of Canberra Innovations Centre - smaller western wetland with the UCIC building and carpark behind
UCIC Cascade
University of Canberra Innovations Centre - syphonic drainage roofwater disapation cascade leading to future wetland
UCIC Car Park
University of Canberra Innovations Centre carpark early planting. Rock mulched centre median conveys carpark overland runoff to an eastern wetland.
City Edge
David Street demonstration wetland masterplan with the City Edge development adjacent
McKellar Wetlands
McKellar Wetland Master Plan*. Also later Wetland Maintenance strategy prepared in association with Geoff Sainty

Last updated : 4 November 2009